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Swimming Pool Maintenance Works

    Service Description

    When it comes to swimming pools that are in serious need of renovations and rebuilding, BEST EXCLUSIVE is the company to call for expert pool renovation services. Our team aspires to address any kind of pool issues from mechanical problems to structural integrity. Our expert engineers would always try their best to exceed your expectations in rebuilding your designer pools by combining the state of art equipment with the best construction practices available across the region. We strive to provide the best pool cleaning, repair and maintenance services to both our commercial as well as residential customers. The investment that you make in your pool maintenance would be secured by us by lowering your chances of encountering a major issue with your pool when u want it the most. Service satisfaction guarantee would be the key factor for selecting us for all your swimming pool needs. Our Scope of Work: ● Diagnosis, repair and maintenance of swimming pools, water systems, filter systems, pumps and any other equipment ● Check and maintain proper chemical balance of the pool to ensure safety measures ● Repair and maintain any electrical and mechanical equipment available in the swimming pool area ● Cleaning up of all debris at the swimming pool area ● Cleaning and servicing of pool filtration units ● Checking the swimming pool water quality and pH balances ● Operate and inspect swimming pool tools and equipment and make minor adjustments if required ● Cleaning of the deck area near the swimming pool ● Repair and maintain all non-functional machinery and equipment in the pool area ● Scrubbing and polishing of the tiles in the pool area ● Checking for cracks in the swimming pool tiles and repairing the same. ● Emptying the skimmer baskets ● Pool tile installation and polishing ● All kinds of testing and checking of the pool area for ensuring safety measures

    Contact Details

    • Alserkal Warehouses, DIP - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

      +971 4 323 2453

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